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On this page you will find a list of frequently asked questions. Is your question not answered here or the answer is not the adequate one? Send us an email and we will be at your service as much as possible: grafschaft@bungalow.net.

Yes, in most cases you can, although pets are not allowed in all of the accommodation types. For the accommodations in which pets are allowed, this fact is indicated in the information section regarding the accommodation. If this indication is absent, unfortunately, it means the home isn’t suitable for pets.  

There are a limited number of accommodations of each type in which pets are allowed. It is therefore very important to indicate this immediately upon making a reservation.  

Would you like to add another pet to the travel group after the booking has been made? Then let the Customer Service know. They will analyze the possibilities with you. 

For pets, you pay a surcharge per animal per night that will automatically be added to your reservation. 


Below you will find what the standard is when it comes to leaving your holiday home tidy. This is not the same as the final cleaning. During that process, the entire accommodation is cleaned. 

Before leaving your accommodation, always do the following: 

Return the furniture to its original position. 

Unload the dishwasher and clean the contents of the cupboard. 

Empty the trash cans and take the garbage to the recycling center of the park.

There are separate bins for paper, glass, and residual waste.  

If you have a question about your reservation, please call Bungalow.Net at +31 (0)38 333 01 01.

Yes, if you wish to extend your stay, please contact reception. They can discuss the options with you. 

You can always arrive later than the arrival date you have booked. Of course, you can also leave earlier. The price remains the same in both cases.  

Will you arrive earlier than what you have booked? Please contact our Customer Service about the possibilities. 
Yes, if the main booker arrives later than the rest of the party, someone else may also check in. Please indicate this in advance at the reception. The contact details of the park can be found in the travel information.  

On the page of your accommodation, you will find what is present in your accommodation, for example, a coffee machine or an oven. A complete interior is available and this varies depending on the number of people for which the stay is suitable.  

Yes, there are 1 or more parking spaces at every accommodation. 

Are you expecting visitors or will there be more cars than parking spaces? Then you can park for free in the general parking area of the park.  
To ensure the safety and comfort of guests, there is a maximum number of people who may stay overnight in each holiday accommodation. You can find this number on the page of your holiday home, at the top of the photo.  

Yes, this is not a problem! Visitors must be registered in advance at the reception.  

Visitors can also stay and spend the night, provided that no more people will stay overnight than the maximum number of guests accepted by your chosen holiday home. 

By using our website you can pay safely and easily with Visa, Mastercard, Bancontact and iDEAL. Choose how you would like to pay immediately after booking. There are 2 possibilities. The full amount at once or with a deposit of 30% within 4 days and the rest no later than 6 weeks before arrival.  
If you are booking within 9 weeks before arrival, then the entire amount has to be paid at once.
There is an overview of your paid and outstanding amounts in the My Reservation section. You will be able to see a payment in the overview within one day of payment. If the payment comes from a foreign account, it will take a little longer.  

Yes, by making a reservation you enter into a payment obligation. After booking, choose the desired payment method. The full amount at once or a 30% deposit within 4 days and the rest no later than 6 weeks before arrival. In the My Reservation section you can always choose to pay the entire amount at once.  
If you are booking within 9 weeks before arrival, then the entire amount has to be paid at once.  
The deposit must be paid within 4 days of booking. After you finish the booking process, you will receive a confirmation stating the specific dates you have to pay for. You can also find these dates in the My Reservation section.  

You will get a payment reminder from us. If you do not pay within the set term, your booking will be canceled in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. You will receive a cancellation invoice.  

That isn’t possible. Your booking must be paid in full and in advance.  

We would like to make this easy for you. This is why you can easily pay online immediately after booking or via My Reservation. You only need your own payment details, the rest is already filled in. You pay for your holiday to Bungalow.Net Holidays. That is the party that processes the payments to and from Ferienpark Grafschaft Bentheim. You will therefore see this name as the beneficiary. 

Would you like to transfer the amount yourself? This is possible. Keep your reservation confirmation at hand, because it contains the invoice number which we need from you. Enter this invoice number in the 'description' field. Transfer your payment to IBAN: BE1800 1922 2749 65, in the name of Bungalow.Net Holidays.  
After having booked, you will receive a confirmation that includes your booking information and the invoice number for payment. With this information, you can transfer the amount from your bank directly. In the field “description”, fill in the invoice number that is noted on your confirmation. You can transfer the amount to IBAN: BE1800 1922 2749 65, using Bungalow.Net Holidays as the name. This is the company that manages payments to and from Ferienpark Grafschaft Bentheim. If you are still unable to pay, please send an email to Customer Service via grafschaft@bungalow.net, so that they may help you out.  
Yes, you can pay for your booking with credit card. We accept Visa and Mastercard. 

Yes, that's possible. You will receive the invoice for your booking from the provider you have made the booking with. You may also receive an invoice from Bungalow.Net.  

If you have paid too much, you should contact the Customer Service via grafschaft@bungalow.net, they will further help you with your refund. The amount will get refunded within 14 days. Remember to include your reservation number in the email.  

You will receive a payment reminder if we have not received your payment within the set timeline. You can still transfer the amount. If you have already done this, then everything is fine and you don't need to do anything.  
If you have not yet paid, please do so as soon as possible. If you have received a second payment reminder, you still have 7 days to pay. Otherwise, your reservation will be canceled according to the Terms and Conditions.  
Yes, your booking is immediately fina after going through the booking process. By placing your booking, you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Upon this point, you enter into a payment obligation. You will receive confirmation of your booking by e-mail within an hour.  

If you don't see the confirmation in your Inbox, check your junk mail or spam. 
With a preference booking you can indicate one or more preferences. For example for a specific house number, a specific location in the park or for several holiday homes next to each other. Special wishes for your holiday accommodation also fall under preferences, such as pet-free holiday homes or a 2nd terrace. The amount of the surcharge appears automatically while booking. If you choose multiple paid preferences, the surcharge may be calculated per item.  

The possible preference types are indicated per accommodation. You can see this when you make a reservation. 
Yes, you can add extras to your booking in My Reservation up until a day before arrival. You will find an overview here of all the extras which can be booked. You can also book extras at the reception during your stay. But by doing this in advance, you can be sure that these are and will be available.  

If you can't add pets while booking, this could be for 2 reasons. Either your chosen holiday home is not suitable for pets or there are no longer any holiday homes of this type available that allows pets. 

Yes, that is possible. If you book online, make two or more separate bookings and refer to the other booking(s) in the comments field. If you wish for the accommodations to be adjacent, preferential costs will be charged. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service at grafschaft@bungalow.net

If the desired date is not yet visible, we recommend that you contact Customer Service via via grafschaft@bungalow.net in order to discuss your options. 

No, when you book you pay the lowest price at that time. If we offer an accommodation with a higher discount at a later date, the lower price will not apply to bookings that have already been made.  

You will receive a confirmation email within 1 hour of creating the booking and it will arrive at the email address you have entered in your booking. It is possible that this address is wrong or that the confirmation has ended up in your junk/spam email. Should you be unable to find your confirmation, please contact our Customer Service via grafschaft@bungalow.net

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